10 Best Electric Fire Place 2020 – [ Do Not Buy Before Reading This! ]

There’s a fireplace right for your house, irrespective of the design or style. Let’s take a look at the various designs available.

Plug-in inserts

Plug-in adapters cover an established chimney with a mantel.

Media center fireplaces

These electric fireplaces are plug-ins for a TV / entertainment facility.

Electric log sets

Some devices look like real logs placed on a grate and are perfect for established unused gas or electric fireplaces. You slip right into the current chimney and attach it to the nearest wall.

Traditional mantel fireplaces

Such units come with their own robe and function like typical fireplaces, as their name suggests.

Corner electric fireplaces

Such lightweight fireplaces are an excellent choice for small rooms.

Freestanding electric stove fireplaces

Fireplaces in the electric stove look like old-fashioned fireplaces.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces

These sleek fireplaces, attached to a wall, add a modern style to a room.

Electric fireplace features:


This is the function required if you want the fireplace to run without heating the room, or if you want additional heat without flame.

Flame speed

It allows you to adjust the ‘flames’ strength from a slight boom to an intense explosion.


The heat that your electric fireplace produces is controlled by a thermostat.


You can program the fireplace to function as long as you want by using a temporary timer. When the time is over, it ends immediately.


A luminosity monitor lets you gently shimmer or dramatically light the flames.

Remote control

A remote control involves nearly any electronic fireplace. But some just have an on / off switch and others enable you to monitor the strength of fire, heat and light.

Overheat auto-off

This security feature switches off the chimney when it starts overheating.

Cool touch

While the electronic fireplaces have no specific fires, the glass or fireplace casing can be heated up. The glass will not get heated with a cold contact package, which is valuable protection if you have pets or kids.

Air filtration

Most electronic fires include air filters, which flush out toxins, allergens, fireplaces and fungi.

Before you buy: Electric fireplace tips:

Make sure you calculate the room where your fireplace is heading, including closing walls, doors or passageways nearby. You don’t want to learn too late that your chimney is too high–or too low–for your place.

If your room is small, a wall or an angle device provides the benefit of a fireplace without much space.

Make sure the fireplace is operated by your home’s electric wiring. Many electric chimneys only tap into a standard socket. Some users, though, require a larger system.

What’s your type of decoration? Electric fires are usable in all designs, from ancient to modern.

Many fireplaces are between 700 and 1 500 watts. For a small room, 700 watts is sufficient. But you’ll want a 1,500-watt unit if your room is large.

Choose a tiny, portable fireplace if you are a renter or would like a device to be relocated from room to room. Mantles are usually heavy and hard to push, so they are only for permanent use.

All about Electric fireplaces:

Electric fireplaces are a great alternative to fireplaces built of conventional wood or coal. Some repairs, cutting, chimney cleaning or costly construction is needed.

These are not necessary. Without any special permits, electric chimneys are inexpensive, cool, secure and easy to install. Such chimneys are the norm!

What is an electric fireplace?

An electronic fireplace is an electric furnace that imitates an oil, wood or gas combustible fireplace. In modern fireplaces, electronic fireplaces that then can no longer be used in traditional fires are often mounted. You may plug in the wall or use it as a radiator, usually using 1.4-1.6 kW which can heat a 400 sq., on a ‘fire only’ atmosphere.

Do you need to vent an electric fireplace?

Yes, there is no need of a breeze, chimney or flue for electric fireplaces.

Since there is no actual fire or smoke in electric fireplaces it is not important to exhaust. This dramatically reduces installation costs.

An electronic fireplace should be your option over any other form of chimney if you worry for air quality in your house.

The two main reasons why electric fires are becoming more common are the low installation costs and the lack of emissions.

Is the flame real?

No, the flames are not actual, the LED light produces them, yet they look amazingly authentic.

LED lights and a reflector feature rolling and reflecting light generate the fire in electric fires. The flame looks very realistic with modern technology. Long-term LED lights use less electricity and need not be supplemented by a 50,000-hour service time.

There are fireplaces that can adjust fires colours to suit your décor, mood or season for those searching for a more modern feel.

Do electric fireplaces produce heat?

Many electronic fireplaces have on-demand power, such as heavy, medium or lower heat levels. Most electric fireplaces have integrated thermostats which hold the room at a certain temperature.

There are some electric chimneys which have no heaters. If you just look for a fire setting and care not for gas, choose a fireplace without heating and save a few bucks.

How much space do electric fireplaces heat?

Electric fireplaces will heat up to 400 sq. Ft. depending on the form of heater to a 1000 sq. Ft.

Electric fireplaces are perfect for area heating independent of the heater type and can save money on your power account. You may, for example, increase the temp in your living room or bedroom only with an electric fireplace without increasing the heating of the whole building.

Strategically located, an electric fireplace will keep your heating costs low and warm.

Electrical requirements:

Many electronic fireplaces models can be wired to a standard household socket. You have to ensure that this outlet is placed on a dedicated circuited disconnector or fuse. This disconnector does not use any other outlets or lighting devices and only serves one outlet.

Connecting an electrical chimney into one outlet that shares one or more of the other circuit breakers or fusers may overload the circuit, push over the circuit breaker and build a protection danger.

Always put in an extension string into your Electric Fireplace!

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If your Electric Fireplace is a hardwired built-in layout, a new circuit breaker and cabling is appropriate. If you need new wired wiring for your plugin or install a hardwired model, we recommend you hire a licensed electrician.

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